Aloha giant gingerbread house!

Have you read any tutorials for enlarging your black and white photos and printing as engineering prints on pinterest? I have, and it gave me the idea to create a giant black and white sheet for my kids to color on. Sooooo fun! And just another excuse for me to draw.


The best part – when it’s all finished, holiday décor made especially by my children – yay! I designed a gingerbread house that is available as an instant download in the shop.


You can send this file to your local office supply store that prints engineering prints and have them print an oversized sheet usually in an hour or so.


Engineering prints are black and white prints that come in a variety of sizes, produced typically for architects and builders. You can print from 18”x 24”, 24”x 36” or 36” x48”. The print shown here is 36” x 48”. This makes them a great product for a giant coloring book page.


This was a fun way to spend a winter evening inside and buy new boxes of crayons. I can’t wait to design more!


If you color one don’t forget to share with us!


Here’s the link to the shop listing:

Happy Holidays!





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